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Top Deck: Portraits from the Top

I brought my camera to many Dodgers games to undertake a project I was calling “Top Deck: Portraits from the Top”. Being the cheapest seats in the house, it’s a very heterogenous crowd compared to the wealthier ticket holders that sat below us. So I thought I’d snap a few photos over the course of the season to capture the essence of of the stadium from our point of view. Truth be told, they’re not all portraits of people, because to capture the essence of Top Deck, one needs some context. So I’ll be sharing photos of the field, the city, friends and my fellow Top Deck fans.

Top Deck has some of the best seats in the house and they have their own unique story.

Around the Ballpark

The sun was setting over downtown Los Angeles as we arrived to Dodger Stadium in late March for the first of many Dodger games. I told people we had season tickets, though in reality they weren’t true season tickets. Myself, Alex and Rachel had gone in together and purchased a mini-season ticket package; twenty five games in total. We had three seats in the Top Deck and we were excited! Each of us had either recently moved to LA, or recently moved back to LA, and we saw this as a great way to get together, hang out, and get to know the city.

I’d been to a few Dodger games in the past, though at the start of the season I wasn’t completely on the band wagon. Having lived in Orange County and San Diego, the Los Angeles Angels and San Diego Padres were teams that felt more like “my teams”. But hey, I was now in a new city and it was time to adopt the city team as my own.

So on March 28th I went to my first Dodger game as a “season ticket” holder. Wow I thought, this is going to be incredible! And what an incredible season it turned out to be. I certainly didn’t believe that by the end of the season attendance would be fraction of what it was on opening day; that violence would break out during opening weekend, grabbing headlines and everyone’s attention; and that towards the end of the season a group financed by the government of China would be bidding to buy the team from troubled owner Frank McCourt. On Opening Day, the stadium was sold out and ticket prices were much higher than face value, but by the end of the season you could find tickets for $1. What a season it was.

Downtown - The Start
Dodgers Visitors Dugout
The Grounds Crew
Angels v. Dodgers
Furcal and Santana
Romine on Base
Romine - Ready to Go
Low and Inside
Throw to First
Pop Fly
Into the Swing
And the Pitch...
Strike for DeWitt
DeWitt Gets a Hit!
Rounding Second
Guerrier get a Consult
The Clouds Roll In
A Stadium in Silhouette
Goodyear Blimp over Dodger Stadium
SF Giants - Beat LA
B-2 Spirit Bomber Flies over Dodger Stadium
Opening Series Logo
Placido Domingo sings the National Anthem
Think Blue
National Anthem - Opening Day 2011
Dove's Take Flight on Opening Day


Field Level Panorama
Sold Out!
A View from the top


There’s no question that friends are what make going to a baseball game great. And to Alex and Rachel who joined me: thank you for a great season. The Dodgers will always be a team I remember as a one I rooted for with you both.

Rachel and Alex
Rachel and Alex
Rachel & DeWitt
Waiting at the Bus
DeWitt: Pie?
Alex Smiling
Rachel & Popcorn
Rachel and Nicole
All Smiles
All-Star Vote
Rachel & Michael
Rachel and Alex
Excited Rachel!
Rachel & Friend

Top Deck

A crowd like no other; this was a unique place to be.

Excited Mom
Fellow Photographer
Beat the Bay
Frank McCourt
Garciaparra Fan
Hoping for another Ring
Excuse Me
Button Down & Glasses
Making my way Over
The Astronaut
Enjoying a Dodger Dog
Returning from the Dodgers Shop
Button Down & Glasses + Matching Friend
Rock On
Nacho Time!
Giants Fans
Dodgers Love
Scheming Giants
The Quiet Fan
Baseball & Beer
Frozen Lemonade Vendor
Get 'ya CPK Here!
Your Change
Listening to Vin Scully
The LA Trinity
Father and Son
Dodger Dog
Texting while Watching
Coffee Time!
I've got $5 on it!
Oh Yeah
Crazy Rental Man & Dancing
Westside Rentals Man
B-2 Crew
Beach Balls!
The Close
The Crowd on their Feet
A Packed House
Go Dodgers!!
Dodgers & Facebook
Foam Finger Duo
Preparing for Fireworks
Fireworks over Dodger Stadium
Downtown at Night