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Ayra & Forrest
Save the Date
Ayra & Forrest 2
Hand in Hand
Ayra & Forrest 3
Ayra & Forrest 4
Ayra & Forrest 5
Samantha & Chris - 1
Samantha & Chris - 2
Samantha & Chris - 3
Samantha & Chris - 4
Samantha & Chris - 5
Samantha & Chris - 6
Samantha & Chris - 7
Chris in Silhouette
A Kiss

Baad Sheep: Barnsdall Art Park

A buddy of mine along with a few friends from college created what I think was a really neat company. They called it Baad Sheep and they sold ugly sweaters. Ingenious, right!? And to top it off, to advertise the sweaters on their website, each year they would do a photo shoot with models in ugly sweaters. I had the opportunity to tag along and be the photographer for their Winter 2011 collection; the last of the Baad Sheep photo shoots. Our location was Barnsdall Art Park in Hollywood.

Meredith 01
The Trio
Meredith 02
Meredith 03
Meredith 04
Meredith 05
That's Cute
Meredith 06
The Ladies Laughing Together
Ariel's Squalid Swimming Pool
Baad Sheep Girls
Forest Cafe
Heal the World, Make it a Better Place
Amy 01
Models and Metal
Amy in Boots
Amy on a Wall
Amy 02
Heels and Pearls
Amy 03
Heels and Pearls - Alternate Take
Sweaters and Champagne

Baad Sheep: The Studio

Brandi 01
Brandi 02
Brandi 03
Brandi 04
Brandi 05
Kristen & Natalie 01
Amy 10
Kristen 01
Kristen & Natalie 02
Kristen 02
Amy 11
Amy 12
Natalie 01
Natalie 02
Amy 04
Amy 05
Amy 06
Amy 07
Amy 08
Amy 09
Kristen 03
Natalie 03
Kristen 04
Natalie 04
Natalie 05
Natalie 06
Natalie 07
Natalie 08
Kristen 05

Cupcake Crooks

While living in Redondo Beach, my roommate cooked up the idea for a graphic series based on thieving cupcakes. She called the series “The Cupcake Crooks” and has since gone on to print frames from the series on all sorts of apparel and accessories. To promote the new brand, she got a few friends together to do a photo shoot. These photos are a selection from the many that we took. Be sure and check out more photos of the Cupcake Crook Girls and the full Cupcake Crooks website. It’s a neat storyline!

Caught Frosting Handed
Ponytail and Pigtails
Banana Peel Thief
A Cupcake Picnic
Abbey Road
Fugitives on a Bench
The Lineup
Indoor Cupcake Party
Playground Crooks