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Art Photography

The Other Space Needle
Go Red Sox
Charles River Basin at Night
Sunrise at Main Street Pier
Mooring Ring
Ray and Maria Stata Center, MIT
Nighttime at the Reflecting Pool
Waiting at the Speedway
The Fountain at the First Church of Christ Scientist
Drifting Grasses in the Breeze
Congress & State Street, Boston
La Grande Voile (The Big Sail)
Lone Lifeguard Tower
Partial Silhouette
On Duty
Blue Water
Plaza De San Diego Fountain
Coronado Bridge
Waiting for a Swing
Beachfront Property
Looking to the Sunset
Manhattan & Hermosa Beach
60-Inch Telescope
100-inch Telescope
60-Inch Telescope Dome
Crowds on the Pier
The Rise and Fall
American Flag
The Pacific Park Curve
Ready to Ride
Pier Salesman
Funnel Cake
Red and White Umbrella
Harbor Patrol
Summer at the Beach
A View to Sea
Intertwined Amusement
The Ascent
Stopping Traffic
Flying Low
Parked at The Forum
The Spectacle
Bucket Truck Forest
The Crowd Awaits
Uphill Climb
Dingy at Charles Park
Hipster Fire Hydrant
Red Chair
Red Digging Toys
Chicago Waterfront
Chicago Skyline
Daytime Chicago Skyline
Cooling Towers
Cloud Gate - Perspective
Dreaming of the Sea
Sunrise at Daytona Beach
Sunrise over the Atlantic
Drumheller Fountain
Two Dinghy's
Lone Dock
Ship-to-Shore Cranes
Pipe Playground
Night Skyline - Seattle
The Fisherman