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Cloud Gate - Perspective Abbey Road Forest Cafe Hipster Fire Hydrant Heal the World, Make it a Better Place Chicago Skyline Match 1 - 02 American Flag Miss by Morrison Samantha & Chris - 1 Sunrise at Main Street Pier A Kiss Match 1 - 06 Candid Entrance to Tracy Arm Pedro Hits Dreaming of the Sea Breaching Killer Whale Nighttime at the Reflecting Pool Downtown at Night Waiting for a Swing Alaskan Forest Listening to Vin Scully Nymphaeaceae The Astronaut Ready to Ride Charles River Basin at Night Happiness Ayra & Forrest Ponytail and Pigtails Pier Salesman The Other Space Needle Defeated Blue Water Seahorse Mooring Ring Enjoying a Dodger Dog Ayra & Forrest 5 On Duty Amy on a Wall B-2 Spirit Bomber Flies over Dodger Stadium The Pacific Park Curve Match 2 - 17

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Welcome to the portfolio of Michael E. Kirkpatrick, a photographer based out of Southern California. Here you’ll find photos from around the world, across genres, with a penchant for fine art photography, landscape photography, portraiture, documentary and sports photography.

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